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Speech Therapy
Speech Therapy
We know the ability to communicate with others is important to daily life. If you or your family member is experiencing difficulties with speech, language or hearing, our speech therapy program may be able to help you lead the healthy, active lifestyle you desire.
Speech services include:
  • Speech assessments
  • Speech treatment
    • Includes fluency treatment for specific conditions, such as stuttering
  • Voice therapy
  • Cognitive retraining to help improve memory and problems solving skills
  • Assistance with alternative communication methods
Our Speech Therapy Program also helps patients who have discomfort or difficulty swallowing. Sometimes called dysphagia, swallowing problems are very common and often result from neurological injuries or disease.
Swallowing services include:
  • Swallowing evaluation and treatment
  • Eating evaluations
  • VitalStim Therapy, an advanced treatment for dysphagia
  • Modified Barium Swallow studies which uses various foods and liquid consistencies under X-ray to determine the area of difficulty and establish a treatment program
For more information, contact us at (910) 755-1037.

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