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Insurance Card Checklist
Insurance Card Checklist
In addition to your name and policy number, your insurance card contains important information. We've compiled a checklist of questions that you can review.
Insurance - And You
At Brunswick Community Hospital, we want to assist you in coping with your financial requirements. Each health insurance company has different rules for filing claims. You may incur added expense if you don't follow your insurer’s requirements.
Many insurance companies list special instructions on the card about pre-certification or prior authorization for services. That means you are required to contact the company before or at the time you're admitted to the hospital (even for an emergency admission) and before or at the time you register for any other hospital services.
Check your card. If it shows you must call your insurance company for authorization, please make sure that you or a member of your family phones the company without delay. Usually, you must do so within 24 hours.
To meet your insurance requirements, ask yourself:
  • Have you read the information on the front and back of your insurance card?
  • If you are required to get pre-certification or authorization for services, have you called your insurance company?
  • If you've called your insurance company, have you given the hospital your authorization number?
  • Do you know if physician and hospital charges will be covered by your insurance company?
  • If your policy has a deductible, how much is it?
  • If your policy requires a second medical opinion, have you gotten it?
  • If your policy requires a co-payment, how much is it?
  • If your policy requires a referral form for health services, have you gotten it and given it to the hospital's admissions office?
  • If your policy requires a claim form, have you filled it out?
  • If you are scheduled for surgery, is it related to an accident? If so, have you given the hospital all information about when, where and how the accident happened?
  • Are you covered by more than one insurance plan? If so, have you given the hospital all the information about all plans including the plan name, address, phone number, ID number, enrollee's date of birth, completed claim form and/or completed referral form?
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