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CaringBridge: Build a Patient Care Web site
CaringBridge offers free, easy-to-create Web sites that help connect friends and family during an illness or a long hospital stay.
When a loved one is in the hospital, the support of friends and family can make all the difference in their recovery. Brunswick Community Hospital is proud to offer CaringBridge, a free Web site service that makes it easy for family members and friends to stay informed and send their support and encouragement.
Who can use CaringBridge:
  • Parents of an ill child
  • A cancer patient undergoing treatment
  • An expectant mother with a high-risk pregnancy
  • Any patient or family member who wants to share information and receive support
Benefits of a CaringBridge Web site:
  • Spend less time making phone calls and repeating information. By making daily posts on a CaringBridge site, you can keep friends and family informed, and have more time to spend focusing on wellness
  • Receive support and inspiration by encouraging visitors to post messages within the included guest book
  • No knowledge of Web site programming required
  • Privacy settings allow you to control who accesses your site
  • The service is FREE
For more information, or to set up a patient care page, visit the CaringBridge Web site:

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